Changing Lives through Child Feeding


Pipeline provides funds to support child feeding programs in:

  1. Bullet Miramonte

  2. Bullet Pulilan

  3. Bullet Harmony Hills

  4. Bullet Valenzula

Many child
ren in both rural and urban areas of the Philippines do not receive sufficient nutrition.  Through these programs, Community Workers provide one meal a day plus a dietary supplement to many children from poor families.  One meal a day, six days per week is provided.  The meal consists of a thick soup containing vegetables, pasta, and a small amount of meat.
A visitor was dismayed by the enormity of the problem and asked the community worker running a program how they faced living in an area where there were literally thousands of impoverished families.  She replied that she could not change the world, but she could change the lives of these 20 children.  After Pipeline provided some extra funds, the program
was visited a year later and the program was feeding 100 children.  The people in the Philippines are not waiting for handouts, they are doing amazing things, but with our help, they can do even more.

Funds for this program have been raised by a group of work colleagues who hold trivia nights and through our Amazing Gift Cards.

After Cyclone Ketsana in September 2009, many families were left with nothing.  In Harmony Hills at Bagong Silang, 300 families are still living in tents that were provided as short term relief.  Mary-Rose and Chris from Bagong Silang are running child feeding programs to help these families survive, along with schooling and the provision of rice.