Changing Lives through Income Generation


Income generation programs are critical in breaking the poverty cycle. 

Pipeline’s activity in this area includes goat or pig raising programs, this is how it works.  Pipeline provides funds for the purchase of two goats.  The community workers selects a family with the skills and other requirements to raise the goats and gives the two goats to the family.  The first and third kid are returned to the community, thus enabling the program to grow to another family.  A goat will have 4 kids per year on average and sometimes twins and this can continue for about 5 years.  So within the first year the loan of the first two goats has been returned to be passed on to another member of the community and then over a five year period, the family has the potential to have a goat herd of 20 or more goats. 

This program has been very successful at Talugtog where this rural community now has more than 40 goats.  The goat growing program is being expanded to Bustos, another small rural community.  They have been taught how to care for the goats by the team at Talugtog and have run a successful program of over six months.  A similar pig program has also been successful at Romblon.

Another example is the setting up of an internet cafe.  This was achieved with a variety of support mechanisms.  A team of people went to Manila and worked with the locals to fit out the shop.  Businesses in Australia donated ‘end of lease’ computers that a quite suitable for internet cafe use.  The team members who went to Manila raised funds to purchase a printer/copier before they went.  Finally Pipeline provided a loan to cover the set up and initial running costs until the cafe is able to run successfully and start paying back the loan.  The internet cafe employs 3 people full time as well as providing support to at least 2 others.

Other income generation schemes include the provision of sowing machines for making school uniforms and bag making programs are being investigated.

A mentor program has been started to support and encourage further small business enterprises in both rural and metropolitan settings.  Here are some pictures taken during the initial mentor training program....

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