Victory Churches of Asia at Meycauayan

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Torquay Christian Fellowship supports:   Pastor Lito, Sister Lynn and their 3 children

Your funds have helped them:

  1. BulletRun a school called Victory Foundation and Learning Centre. It is a pre-school with 26 kids in attendance.  They have 4 teachers and have run a regular curriculum for 3 years.  The school and the church were planted at the same time.

  2. BulletRun school from Monday to Friday, with church on Saturday and Sunday in the same room which seats 40+ people for two meetings on a sunday. 

  3. BulletHave scholars  who get the schooling for free but parents must attend church. 

  4. BulletAllow people to part pay for their children to go to the school.  It is a way of reaching the parents for God via the children.

  5. BulletPlant a new church in Valenzuela City

  6. BulletHave a great music program where the youth are taught to play musical instruments eg drums, bass, lead guitar and keyboard.

  1. Bullet Update on concert at Valenzuela

April  30, 2008 we had an evangelistic concert in Valenzuela City, one of our prospects for church planting.  More than 600 people attended and based on our attendance record, 500 people received our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.  50 % of the  crowd were young people who are students in Valenzuela National High School, and they are the students of Bro. Dennis our youth Pastor in VCA-Meycauayan..

Praise God for the success of this event! He is awesome….

The Plan in Valenzuela for 2008

Open 10-15 Home bible study with at least 10 people each

Begin Campus ministry

Start a Student Center

Open Sunday worship Services