Victory Churches of Asia at Plaridel (pronounced Flaridel)

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Self supporting:   Pastor James and Sister Merna and their 3 children


  1. Bullet Was the first church that Pastor Richard was at, he was there for 4 years and Pastor Lito was there for 17 years.

  2. Bullet Has about 100 members.

  3. Bullet The original church was burnt down, has been rebuilt, but it is still not finished.  Lara Baptist Church assisted with building and fitting out.

  4. Bullet Are looking to buy or rent the space next door so they can expand.

  5. Bullet Run a school on the lower level of the church building.  They have 20 children attending with 2 teachers looking after a nursery class and 2 kinder classes.

  6. Bullet Students do very well in the national competitions.