Changing Lives through Schooling


Pipeline provides support to enable children in the Philippines to attend school who would otherwise miss out on an education.  This support includes:

  1. Bullet Teachers’ salaries

  2. Bullet School uniforms

  3. Bullet School supplies

Teachers’ salaries: Pipeline provides funding for teachers in several schools.  The teachers are fully trained but often work for less than the usual salary because they also want to see the children receive an education.  After two years, in some schools, the grade level becomes self supporting through payment of fees by the students and then another year level can be added to the school.  In other areas, the parents are very poor and ongoing support is required. Pipeline supports teachers at schools on Davao and at Cabanatuan, Plaridel and Meycauayan.

Cabanatuan now have two specialist teachers thanks to Pipeline funding, a computer teacher and integration aide.  Meycauayan now has six teachers and two grade levels that they did not have previously.  Mustard seed Christian School on Davao is a full Kinder to Year 10 High School supported by Pipeline.

School uniforms: Children cannot attend school in the Philippines if they do not have a uniform.  Where parents may be able to pay no more than the ongoing school fees, Pipeline provides funding for uniforms to enable the child to go to a public school.  Often this has a flow on impact where the local Community Worker facilitates the setting up of a cottage industry to make the uniforms.  Pipeline has provided school uniforms at Miramonte.  Funds for uniforms are raised from our Amazing Gift Cards.
School supplies: This consists of the provision of school books, pencils and a back pack.  Again children must have their own supplies to attend school and this is beyond the reach of many families.  Pipeline enables children to attend both public or VCA run schools by providing these resources.   School supplies have been distributed at Villarosio near Talugtog, Cabanatuan and Miramonte.  Funds for these supplies are also raised through Pipeline’s Amazing Gift Cards.