You Can Help Change Lives


Individuals just like you, are needed to help change lives in the Philippines. 

  1. 1. Make a donation.  Every dollar you donate will change lives in the Philippines.  Pipeline is a registered charity, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.  Electronic Funds Transfer to Pipeline’s Bank Account:

  2. Bullet BSB 633000

  3. Bullet Account 106244783

  4. Bullet REMEMBER to put your Name in the comments field

  5. Bullet Please contact us so we have your details for your receipt.

  6. 2. Attend a fundraiser - see coming events.

  7. 3. Sponsor a child’s education

  8. 4. Buy an Amazing Gift Card.  These cards are a meaningful gift for any occasion and almost any age group.  They provide funds directly to the program of your choice.

  9. 5. Provide ongoing support to a community worker. Please contact us.

  10. 6. Organise a games night, a black tie dinner, a barbeque - anything at all?  Choose a project to support, get some friends (lots of friends) together, have fun, and help change lives in the Philippines.  Please contact us.

  11. 7. Collect used postage stamps and join our Stamps 4 Schools plan.

  12. 8. Come on a trip with us to help build, paint, do carpentry or plumbing, run a short term training course to pass on your skills eg hairdressing or sowing, or simply visit and stay with a community and participate in one of the programs like one of the child feeding schemes.  Please contact us.

  13. 9. Pray for the projects, the Community Workers, the people, the Philippines and the Pipeline Committee.  We value your support.